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Mosquito Control BrisbaneNothing ruins a comfortable evening sat on the porch than the incessant buzzing and biting of mosquitoes. If you are having issues with mosquitos on your property, give us a call. We will send our Brisbane based pest control professionals to your home to assess your property and give you a mosquito control treatment plan.

Our local expert pest controllers can save you from itchy, red mosquito bites and the buzzing sound they create around your ears. If you are suffering from these problems, give Pest Control Brisbane a call now!

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We are ready to respond to your call at a moment’s notice to carry out any sort of indoor or outdoor mosquito control service. Our highly skilled, qualified and licensed Brisbane based team can work in every suburb around town to rid you of your mosquito problem. Whether you are dealing with fleas, flies, rats, or mosquitos, on call to our pest control team can get them gone from your home.Mosquito Control Brisbane Facts

  • Mosquito Location and Evaluation: We’ll find the places where they are breeding, and determine what the most effective mosquito control activity is in order to remove them
  • Mosquito Extermination and Trapping: The next step is to remove the current mosquito infestation
  • Mosquito Monitoring and Prevention: We’ll tell you how the infestation started, and how you can prevent it from happening again.

To ensure that the next generation doesn’t come back to haunt you, we have highly effective larvicides that can be applied to any body of standing water on your property. Once again, these mosquito control solutions are mostly natural and can go along way to preventing another mosquito infestation in the future.

Hotline: (07) 3085 9216

Mosquito Facts

There aren’t many places in the world where you can go to escape mosquitoes and unfortunately Australia isn’t one of them. The environment is perfect for these pests to breed and multiply. While the anti-coagulant in their saliva makes them irritating, they can be a much more serious problem as they have been known to carry dangerous diseases and noxious parasites.

What’s even worse, if they are carrying diseases, is that they will quickly move from host to host as they set off on their twilight adventures, feeding on victims such as you and your pets. During the day however, they are mostly at rest, especially on hot summer days.

Preventing Mosquitoes

Mosquito Control and Prevention ServicesMosquitoes require specific conditions to breed, and because of this you can prevent an infestation on your property. These five simple steps will help prevent mosquito infestations from appearing on your property:

  1. Mosquitos breed in standing water, so clearing out any areas where water has gathered as soon as possible will stop them from breeding there.
  2. Meticulously clean your gutters. Your gutters are common places for mosquitos to start their infestation, keeping them clear helps prevent an infestation from forming.
  3. Remove vegetation that contains the nectar mosquitoes feed on when they aren’t looking to suck your blood.
  4. Like most pests, piles of debris can serve as a nesting ground or hiding place for these pests, so make sure they are removed as quickly as possible.
  5. If you have water features such as ponds and fountains on your property, make sure they contain fish that will eat the mosquito larvae that are in the water.

Hotline: (07) 3085 9216

A Long Term Solution

When you want mosquitos to be gone from your property and to stay gone, it is time to invest in one of our ongoing mosquito control solutions, such as the mosquito misting system. At several points throughout the day, this system will spray short mists around your property to protect it from mosquitoes for as long as it operates.

About Pest Control Brisbane

We at Pest Control Brisbane will be there for you whenever you need us. If you are suffering from a mosquito infestation and need mosquito control devices to eliminate the problem, give us a call. It’s time to take advantage of our free, no-obligation! From fleas and flies control to cockroach elimination, no job is too big nor too small for our team of professional pest control experts.

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